Waterwatch© Sample Report

October 24, 2011

Scott Residence
123 Bethel Street
Toms River, NJ 08753

Dear Resident:

Enclosed is your Waterwatch© report.

Waterwatch© is a conservation education and information program sponsored by United Water Toms River. It is designed to help our customers understand how they use water at home, and find ways to save water and money.

This report is the result of a computer analysis of your water bills and the survey of your home water use. It shows how you use water each day, and explains the daily and annual water consumption for each use. The customer report will also show any variations in seasonal water use caused by lawn watering, washing cars and filling pools.

Please note that your report indicates that you may have opportunities to conserve water in your household and save money.

Thank you for your interest in water conservation.

United Water Toms River

Your seasonal analysis indicates high summer usage. Outdoor uses, such as watering lawns, washing cars and filling swimming pools, are the typical reasons why you use more water during hot weather. The next page shows you how your usage compares to other similar households.

This chart shows how you use water inside your home each day. The average American uses about 60 gals per day indoors, and bathroom usage accounts for 75% of that total. Please refer to the table on the next page to see how much water you actually use.

Appliance Type Daily Use Annual Use Water Use Rating
Shower 65 gal. 23,720 gal. high
Sink and Tub 32 gal. 11,680 gal. average
Toilet 80 gal. 29,200 gal. high
Kitchen Sink 10 gal. 3,650 gal. average
Clothes Washer 38 gal. 4,380 gal. average
Dishwasher 12 gal. 13,870 gal. average
Outdoors 107 gal. 39,055 gal. high

Based upon a computer analysis of your water bills and the questionnaire submitted for your household, the items listed below are using more water than the national average reported by similar households. 
Shower - Water conserving showerheads will give you a good shower and cut your water use by half - which could save about 11,800 gallons or $59 per year for water and $288 for electricity used to heat water.
Faucets - Efficient faucet aerators are inexpensive and easy to install on your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Putting aerators on all your faucets can save 1,800 gallons or $9 per year for water and $22 per year for electricity used to heat water.
Toilet - You indicated that your standard toilet was installed before 1980. If you replace it with a low flush model, you could save about 2,400 gallons or $12 per year
Outdoors - There are many ways to reduce irrigation water use while ensuring that plants get the water they need. Some of these ways include using soil moisture monitors, cycle irrigation methods and drip irrigation systems. Savings will vary depending upon method used, but could be as much as 14,110 gallons or $62 per year
Leak Repairs - Based upon the information on your survey form, your metered water usage is higher than expected. This may be the result of leaking faucets and toilets. Eliminating such leaks could save as much as 9,600 gallons or $48 per year

GET WATER SAVINGS DEVICES - United Water has negotiated special pricing for water-saving kits. The kits are being offered at substantial savings over retail prices. Please visit: http://www.uwconserve.org