Pencilbrook Partners

Pencilbrook Partners are specialists in the field of water and energy efficiency and related customer research. The firm is developer and owner of the Waterwatch© a proprietary, water-use modeling program.
Waterwatch© enables water suppliers to better understand customer attributes such as behavior, demographics and water end-uses. The program continuely incorporates customer data to calibrate the engineering algorithms that form the basis of the Waterwatch© regression analysis of consumption, meter and weather data.
Waterwatch© implementation is based upon comprehensive surveys conducted among residential rate payers. 
Customer research is the principal reason clients use Waterwatch©. The Waterwatch© data is applied to purposes such as the following:
  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting;
  • Quality of revenue assessment;
  • Cost of service studies;
  • Cost/benefit analysis of efficiency programs.
  • Basis for rate cases;
  • Stand-alone customer conservation program.

Pencilbrook has delivered Waterwatch© survey programs to many thousands of water customers in states including New York, New Jersey, Idaho, Ohio, Massachusetts and Florida.

In addition to proprietary analytic programs for water use, Pencilbrook principals have created several energy analytic models for other clients and employers. And, they have extensive experience in utility customer research – energy and water. Consulting assignments include energy and water efficiency projects for US and offshore energy utilities, water suppliers, consultants and service providers.

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See what the Chelsea Record newspaper had to say about a Pencilbrook project:

   Chelsea Firm Selected For Water Research Project

By: Record Staff

Pencilbrook LLC is a member of a team of water experts that won an international competition to fund a residential water research project in the US. Pencilbrook is a recognized authority in the field of water use analysis. The Chelsea firm’s proprietary software programs – Waterwatch© and Home Waterview™ - are used to identify and quantify customer behavior, demographics and water use patterns.

The research team includes PVA, Inc., of Chapala, Mexico, and United Water Inc., of New Jersey. The project will conducted in selected communities in Idaho and Delaware. These communities are served United Water, a subsidiary of Suez Environnment S.A.

The team will measure and analyze customer behavior, demographics and water end-uses. Of particular interest are outdoor water use trends, and the impact of automated irrigation systems on outdoor usage.

The project is funded by Suez, a Paris-based company that provides innovative solutions to millions of people and industries in the drinking water, wastewater treatment and waste management fields.

Pencilbrook is an energy and water efficiency consultancy. Principals include Mick Fiato, managing partner; Mike Lints, Sc.D., engineer; and Ron Northcutt, IT partner. The water audit program architecture and methodology is derived from analytic software, also built by Pencilbrook. It models and disaggregates energy consumption. In addition to proprietary analytic programs, Pencilbrook principals developed several residential energy use models for utility companies. Consulting assignments include energy and water efficiency projects for US and offshore energy utilities, water suppliers, contractors and service providers.